Better Than A Gift Card

Better Than A Gift Card

March and April happen to be the birthday months of pretty much everyone I know. During this short window I do two things,

  1. Completely exhaust all my finances
  2. Find gifts that I would also like to buy for myself 

So let's take a look at some alternative gift ideas for the people you actually want to buy for.

Failing that you could just buy these for most important person in your life...yourself.

Gifts Under £20


Tiny (And A Little Bit Rude) Terrarium Figures


Once you or your friend become a 'grown up' you acquire a house plant. That's a fact. And what does every house plant need? An array of miniature naked figurines. Obviously. 



The Wisdom of Prince Philip 

"I wish he'd turn that microphone off." Prince Philip expressing his opinion on Elton John's Royal Variety performance in 2001.

This book is hilarious. 



Brick Yourself Keyring 

Let's just take a moment to absorb this. You can literally have a lego man or woman made to resemble yourself or a friend. Just send in a picture and 14 days later a tiny yellow version of you or your loved one has been created. Give one of yourself to your boyfriend or girlfriend so they can carry you around, everywhere. 



Insepertables Matches 



The perfect...match. *Smirk emoji*




Ever thought, "God I wish I knew how to make a paper vagina?" 

No? Well your friend might have, so buy them this book just incase. 



Salt Pig



Haven't you heard? Every sophisticated 'grown up' needs a salt pig. Trust us, they do.  



Gifts £20 - £60


White Concrete Candle Holder 

A contemporary alternative to a scented candle. (Teamed with the insepertables matches above for extra friend points)



Titanium Indoor Watering Can


Remember what I said earlier about all grown ups having indoors plants? 

"Handcrafted from powder coated steel in a traditional shape."



Nostalgic Hamper 

Pick your year and design your own hamper filled with nostalgia and treats of your chosen era.



Made In North Korea

I'm fascinated by North Korea. So you could just buy me this. Or alternatively buy for someone who is equally as intrigued. 

"Made in North Korea is an insight into ordinary life in the world's most secretive nation, captured in never-before-seen ephemera."



Science Pull Down Chart 

Ok this maybe isn't the most conventional of gifts, but if you have someone in your life who needs to sharpen up on their knowledge of mushrooms (or similar) then this is for them. Reminiscent of your old days in the classroom and ready to hang with no need for a frame, this little number is perfect for someone needing a little colour in their life. 

£51.48 (Shipping extra) 


Historic Football Headlines 

I bought this recently, and it's pretty cool. Black, white and colour images dating from 1904 to present day, bound together in an A3 leather book. This gift is only suitable for true fanatics of a team. The sheer detail and content is vast. Worth it for someone who wants to relive days gone by of their favourite team.



Gifts £60 +


Filson Growler 

"Designed and hand-cast by Portland Growler Co. in Oregon, this 100% ceramic jug holds 64 oz or 1.9L and features a finger loop for a steady grip."



Enamel Beverage Dispenser 

Hand Made and designed to take hot and cold liquids, this is perfect for a friend who willingly wants to entertain several people at once. Or alternatively it would look pretty cool in most kitchens.



Timex x Nigel Cabourn Watch 

British designer Nigel Cabourn has come together with Timex watches to design this Limited Edition watch, inspired by photojournalist Sean Flynn, who became known for his close to the wire coverage of the Vietnam war. The watch comes with 2 adjustable straps, one ventile and one in aged leather. Presented in a cotton army mending kit, this is the perfect gift for someone who wants a little bit of history on their wrist. 



Slush Puppy Machine

Take your friend down memory lane with the gift of nostalgic slush puppies!

Blue tongue or red? 

£60.00 (+ £5.99 for the syrup)


Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine

From glowing reviews, to its contemporary design, this would be perfect for someone a little bit too cool for your standard Nespresso machine. 

£190.00 (Buy coffee papers for £3.95)


Pack and Carry Fire Pit 

This portable fire place from Japanese brand Snow Peak is the perfect gift for a pal who appreciate the great outdoors. Be that camping in the wilderness or toasting marshmallows in the back garden, this is the perfect choice.  

"Built at Snow Peak headquarters in Japan, the stainless steel fireplace comes in three sizes and folds flat for easy transportation and clean-up."



Not all gifts need to be wrapped...



Cooking With Fire Pit 

"Perfect for barbecue enthusiasts and anyone who loves food and the great outdoors, this course is an amazing opportunity to have a truly unforgettable experience at Daylesford"


2 Part Indigo Dying Workshop

Held at Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, this unique class is the perfect gift for someone with an interest in textiles and the art of indigo dying.

You will be taught by Liza Mackenzie who  "studied Indigo, known as Aizome, under a Master Craftsman whilst living in Japan for four years. She is a textile designer and researcher with a specialism in Japanese craft textiles and sustainable dyes."


Sausage Making Workshop 

Does your friend love a good sausage? Perfect. This is for them. This class is based in Northumberland, but there are plenty to choose from around the country. Perfect afternoon spent for two people to get some new found skills and potentionaly a laugh along the way. 


Chase Distillery Tour 

"Our unique tour and tasting experience will unlock some of the secrets and skills that go into creating our award winning range of Single-Estate Spirits."

What better gift? English countryside and top notch beverages. Quintessentially British, and a perfect way to spend an afternoon with a pal. 


So there we have it. Let's hope at least one of the gifts on this list has inspired you.

I mean come on, who doesn't want a miniature lego version of themselves? 


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